Tailor made products

From idea to product

The CERTEX Group has special units consistsing of both engineering and a manufacturing - working in close cooperation. Our engineers communicates directly with customer in order to find suitable solutions or the customer’s more advanced lifting needs. The units are strictly focused on designing and manufacturing customized lifting tools of more  advanced character, i.e. when standard lifting components are not applicable. The range of products spans from small lifting tools with a capacity of a few kilograms to large complex lifting solutions with several hundred of tons of capacity.

Our Engineering departments have several years of experince from developing lifting solutions. For many years we have developed and gathered thousands of different designs in our database. Our engineers are used to work in close cooperation with the customer which enables the retrieval of a final product that is safe and easy to use.

The CERTEX Group work for short delivery times and competative prices, but above all to be able to provide the best possible solution to the customer.